Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cantaloupe Smoothie

   This past weekend I bought a cantaloupe to eat, but once I got home and cut into I realized that I wasn't as ripe as I needed/wanted it to be. Since I had already cut and chopped half of the melon, I decided to leave the other half whole to see if it would ripen a little more.

   I had already planned on juicing some pineapples and apples to do a mini-detox; so I thought that I could juice the melon too. Then I started to think about making a smoothie with the melon-instead of juicing it since the melon that I had cut up and stored in the fridge was starting to soften and become sweeter. I thought about what recipe I could make and I kinda remember seeing a smoothie recipe that Giada made on one of her shows with cantaloupe. I opted not to go online to find that recipe since I usually get distracted when I am on the computer and usually spend more time on it than I originally planned on.

  I already had a smoothie recipe that I was going to post, but I decided to post this recipe first. Since cantaloupes are typically best around early summer to October ; you can use frozen cantaloupe instead of fresh. I figured that this recipe would be great not only to drink during the summer, but also freeze and make popsicles!

  This recipe is very easy to change to your taste preference. You can use less orange juice, no strawberries, other berries or fruit, and you could even try this with a honeydew melon (I hate the way they taste, but think the honeydew candles smell good..weird?)

Cantaloupe Smoothie
Created by Rayna of Curious Country Cook
serves: 1

3/4 orange juice
3/4-1 cup cantaloupe, peeled, seeded, & chopped
1/2 cup ice
4-6 strawberries

1. Place the chunks of cantaloupe, juice, strawberries, and honey into the blender.
2. Blend to combine. Add in the ice and blend until smooth.

* Depending on how sweet your fruit is and how sweet you like your drinks depends on the amount of honey you'll use. I used about 1-1 1/2 tsp because my cantaloupe wasn't as ripe as it could have been.
-You can pour this into Popsicle molds or paper cups (with a popsicle stick) and freeze to make a cold treat for hot summer days.


  1. I can't never get enough cantaloupe! Great smoothie.

  2. Have always been fascinated by the aroma and flavor of cantaloupe. I love the exquisite sweet taste and the perfect faint color. This will make a lovely breakfast staple!

  3. I wish I would have read this sooner! I was given six cantaloupes last week and I had no idea what to do with them so I gave several away! I will definitely have to keep this in mind!

  4. I am so going to do this tonight! I bought a cantalope yesterday and was sad when I cut it in half and realized it wasn't very sweet.

  5. If only I might have read this particular faster! I had been granted six cantaloupes yesterday and I was clueless that what to do with these so I offered numerous away! I am going to undoubtedly have to remember this!rs gold for sale