Monday, February 13, 2012

Oddball turns 1

This was one of my favorite pictures of Oddball when he was a pup. Its hard to believe that 1 year ago I was outside looking at marley's litter of 12 tiny puppies. I was actually going to keep another puppy (houston), but soon I changed my mind and picked oddball because of his attitude and his gray leg(hence how he got his name). He knew he was here to stay too because he would always push his siblings out of the way so he could sit in my lap and as they got older, he would find ways to sneak into the house and try to sleep. He also has this weird thing about trying to climb up the back of the couch and trying to stand on your shoulder which is a bad thing since he weights over 45lbs, though in his mind I think he thinks he is the size of a cat.
Yes, he can be a brat and he has gotten into a good amount of trouble, but he is still my little boy.
Here is of a picture of him now.

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