Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peaches & Cream Popsicles

  The last time I made popsicles, the sticks ended up coming out, but the filling stayed in. I think it has something to do with my cheap, but cute popsicle molds. Earlier this summer, my mom and I went shopping to find some popsicle molds since we had lost our old ones, but none of the half dozen stores we checked had them. I've used little paper cups for the doggie popsicles I've made (a recipe I'll share later), but I didn't want to use them for regular popsicles.  Well, she ended up getting me a 10 pop mold online and the very next day when we walked into World Market there was a small 6 popsicle mold. 
  I found this recipe the other day and really wanted to make it so I did and prayed that the popsicles would actually come out of the mold this time. I filled the sink with a little water and let the molds sit for a few minutes to help loosen them up. Well, history repeated its self; the handle came out,but with only half of the stick and the filling stayed in the mold. I then ran a little warm water over the ends of the remaining molds and tried again and it worked! These popsicles are creamy due to the yogurt and are packed with delicious peach flavor.

Peaches & Cream Popsicles
I got 4- 3oz popsicles**

1 cup ripe peaches, chopped
1/2 cup peaches, diced
6 oz vanilla Greek yogurt
6 tbsp dairy or non-dairy milk
2 tsp -1 tbsp agave or honey*

1.In a small hand blender or food processor, puree the 1 cup of peaches. Add in the yogurt and blend until smooth.
2. Add in the milk and agave/honey. Taste to check sweetness, pour into molds, and freeze for at least 5 hours.

Advice: I used my cheap 6 mold for these and 1 stick ended up breaking off when I tried to retrieve the popsicle so try this: hold the mold at an angle, run some slightly warm water over the bottoms to loosen it up a bit before trying to pull out the popsicle.

-If you have peaches, but they aren't ripe and you want to eat them or make this, just place a few peaches in a brown paper sac for a few days and they will soften up.
- the original recipe used 5.3 oz of yogurt, but we only found a 6oz so I used most of 1 container
* The amount of sweetener you use will depend on how sweet and ripe your peaches are already. The original recipe used 2 tsp of sweetener, but my peaches were still a little under ripe.
** I had some of the filling left over, but no enough for a whole popsicle so I just drank it.

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  1. Any frozen treat with peach in is a winner for me!