Monday, February 27, 2012

This past weekend

This post does not contain a recipe even though I have a recipe & pictures of roasted baby potatoes and green beans which I made last night. Instead, this post is just about what I did this weekend and some new food products that I discovered and tried.

This past weekend a lot happened.

I got my camera, a Canon Rebel t2i and some accessories-My cheeks were sore from smiling so much.
I took over 160 pictures with my camera in under 36 hours.
I made brownies for our youth's bake sale/lunch in.
We went grocery shopping.

My mom and I went to Sprouts, which is like a smaller version of Whole Foods or Central Market to see what they had. Sprouts is considered tiny when you compare it the the layout of WF or CM, but they have most of the same stuff and it doesn't take you a few hours to look at everything in the store. Among other things, I got
tried Hubert's Lemonade which comes in many flavors, but I went regular lemonade and it was very refreshing.

 My mom bought a container of Truffettes de France truffles which were amazing! Usually truffles can be expensive, but we got a whole container for less than $5. These truffles were rich and smooth, and reminded me of brownie batter. I also grabbed a box of Gluten-free brownie mix, which I hid when I got home. I'm thinking about making the brownies soon and seeing if my dad will notice anything about them. The last thing I grabbed before we left Sprouts, was Chocolove's almond & sea salt in dark chocolate bars which has to be one of my favorite chocolate products. The down side is the only places I can find them are Whole Food's, Central Market, Sprouts, and online and seeing as we don't go to WF or CM very often I usually grab a couple bars which lasts me a good while. The last time we went to Central Market though, It was before valentine's day and I went to grab my almond and sea salt bars, but they were completely out, they had their other flavors, but I wanted my  favorite...I guess I'm not the only fan of their chocolate.

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